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Just Ear Say, by  Virgil C. Stephens

" Just Ear Say" Pencil drawing
11" x 14" image size
s/n limited edition print of 500


Out on the ranch in Arizona, we had a donkey that we picked up from the horse sale. We didn't know at the time but she was pregnant and a few months down the road, she had Jack Rabbit, a little male jack-ass.  My kids loved to play and ride the donkeys and so I decided to do a series of pencil drawings with the kids and the jack-asses.  Its called the Children Series and all of the kids in this series are mine except one.  A Kiss For Dolly is my youngest
daughters friend Celeste.  Jack Rabbit has just discovered Celeste's earrings' that are all new and shiny and Celeste is trying not to freak out when the lips of a baby donkey are caressing her ear.

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