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western pencil drawing of a cowboy and his hounds

Pecking Order, western pencil drawing of a cowboy taking a drink out of a trough while his dogs await till he's done, by western artist Virgil C. Stephens
"Pecking Order"
s/n limited edition giclee print of 95
Pecking Order

From time to time I was lucky enough to get to ride with ole Larry Hendrix.  He's a lion hunter out of Luna New Mexico and lives life like all of us want to live, minimal perks, nothing more than a fuzzy TV screen with virtually no service but lots of good books to read and a view that would give you a full body shiver.  This charcoal drawing was just recently finished by me and later colorized into a full blown oil painting, but I have it available in black and white for all you hard core pencil fans. 

A familiar scene with ole Larry, his dogs were wise to let him get his thirst quenched before they put their lips in the trough.  I call this Pecking Order for obvious reason.

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