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Christian pencil drawing, September 11, 2001, cowboy artwork

September 11, 2001, patriotic Christian pencil drawing by western Artist Virgil C. Stephens
"Sept 11, 01"
12"x16" , Signed/numbered 
limited edition of 300

Like all Americans, Sept 11, 01 gave a charge to my patriotism that nothing else has ever done before.  I, like you, wanted to run out and do something for our nation.  I wasn't near New York, and I'm too old to enlist nevertheless,  the feeling was still there.  When I sat down to draw the following day, (with the TV on, of course), the only thing on my mind was the W.T.C. The title to this piece is simply and explicably, "Sept 11, 01"  The cowboy, way out here in the west, did the only thing he could at the time....  a makeshift cross and a silent but tearful prayer.  In the rocks you will find the symbol of America, "The Flag".  On the cowboys chaps I have blended in the letters W.T.C.  In the grass are the letters U.S.A.  Entering from the left you will notice the rain clouds moving in.  This is a symbol of what I knew was coming...

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